August 5, 2015

Prices & Specials

30 Minute Readings

This reading is good for a quick overview of your current
situation or for answers or awareness to a specific question. If you're
in doubt about something this is a great tool for some quick clarity.

60 Minute Readings

This is my most common reading. It is a great for getting an overview of major life
areas and answers to questions and concerns of immediate importance. Here I may
use multiple decks, numerology and astrology as well.

90 Minute Readings

These are often used for couples or clients who are committed to
regular consultations (monthly or bi-monthly). Here plans are developed
for specific goals and outcomes. Awareness is developed for influential
factors and patterns. Numerology, astrology and other tools are employed.

Private Parties

Parties of 6 or less are $20 per person. The party host get a free reading.

Parties of 6 or more are $75 per hour. A $60.00 deposit is required before booking.

Annual Subscription

Save $120.00 on 12 readings by using the subscription  Buy Now Button!

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