2018 A Master (11) Year

2018 is in Numerology is an 11, a master number. The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity, nervous energy, shyness, and impracticality. It is a dreamer. The 11 has all the aspects of the 2, enhanced and charged with charisma, leadership, and inspiration. It is a number with inborn duality, which creates dynamism, inner conflict, and other catalysis with its mere presence. It is a number that, when not focused on some goal beyond itself, can be turned inward to create fears and phobias. The 11 walks the edge between greatness and self-destruction. Its potential for growth, stability, and personal power lies in its acceptance of intuitive understanding, and of spiritual truths. For the 11, such peace is not found so much in logic, but in faith. It is the psychic’s number. The tarot card associated with 11 is the Strength card. But before we get to this card meaning, let’s end the year with a look at The Hero’s Journey through the major arcana.


The Fool begins his journey, with a bag of hidden talents and ideas, despite all the hurdles in his path, She/He takes the first step.


On the Material Plane: The Fool transforms into The Magician who opens his bag full of ideas and talents and understands his connection with the Universe. He then encounters the opposite side of this Masculine energy in The High Priestess, where he comes in touch with his inner self, and the secret knowledge that he already possessed within. From that point, he became fruitful and matured into The Empress. This maturity gave him the energy for his disciplined approach towards ruling over his realm in The Emperor. The Fool then learns his way through the rules and regulations of society and religion in The Hierophant, and comes in touch with his sexuality in The Lovers card, where he chooses to go for his growth and Individuation, which he achieves in The Chariot.

On the Mind Plane: The Fool then balances his knowledge of his inner and outer self in Justice and looks inward for more knowledge in The Hermit. He then understands the meaning of the cyclical nature of life itself in The Wheel, which gives him the Strength to tame his inner beast. All of this puts him through a change of perspective in The Hanged Man, and he lets go of his old self in Death. After such a life changing change, he finds his inner Master in Temperance and moves to the next plane.

On the Spiritual Plane: After mastering his inner and outer selves, The Fool discovers in The Devil that he still has attachments to the material plane which are more deeply rooted than he thought. His Ego is shattered by this knowledge in The Tower, which then leads him to the peace of The Star. But the confusion of the soul is still to be resolved in The Moon, from where he regains his clarity in The Sun. All of this leads him to the Judgement where all his Karmic balances are cleaned, transforming him into The World.

The Strength card or “Passion” XI – The Passion, or Lust

Path of Teth 19 in the Tree of Life Venus in Leo – the creative development of passion leads to enjoyment and fullness

Zodiac: Leo

Tree of life: The connection between Chesed and Geburah

Element: Fire

Number: 11 as perfect combination of 1 and 2 (the cross sum of 11 is 2)

The Passion is the step into the second decade of the Major Arcana, the point where the journey into the inner depth begins. In other decks, this trump is called ‘The Power’, a symbol for the mastery of our own animal side. Crowley named the card ‘Lust’ – and most people don’t really think of mastering their inner animal, but enjoy it full tilt…

In a combination of both, the animal side shouldn’t be ‘mastered’ in the meaning of ‘suppressed’, nor should it be let out to ‘romp around’. It should not be ignored, but accepted as a natural part of oneself. In that manner, one will not only be able to profit from its instinctive natural power, but also to save the power needed to ‘master’ it.

The Passion implies vitality, energy and power. The card tells us to use these riches. In most aspects of life, an endeavor will have much more success when passion is put into it.

Drive: Energy, passion, charisma, joy of life

Light: Power, vitality, unconditional devotion

Shadow: Weakness, insatisfaction, depression


I wish you a strong and passionate 2018 <3

Jeff (Kender)




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