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Become the Alchemist

sex, transform, miracle, holy woman, coach

Alchemy is a form of magic that’s concerned with transforming the external world by evolving the inner self.

Alchemy is ultimately the most demanding and the most rewarding form of magic, as it emphasizes principles that all other forms of magic eventually harken back to (i.e. – for example, if you make pacts with spirits long enough and seriously enough, you’ll end up alchemically transforming yourself – it just may take you awhile to realize that’s what’s happening!).

The principle means of evolution and transformation in classical alchemy is the mysterium coniunctionis – the mystery of the union of all opposites.

“Uniting the opposites” is no easy task – it involves recognizing extremes of good and evil, mortal and immortal, spirit and body, masculine and feminine, helplessness and power within oneself – and learning to paradoxically inhabit both poles simultaneously.

Inhabiting paradox without seeking easy refuge in one or another side of a polarity – involves an enormous expansion of your personality, to the point that you become more and more aware of how “you” are inhabited by the Divine.

Sometimes folks interpret the alchemists’ search to turn lead into gold as purely symbolic – but it wasn’t. 

The goal of ancient laboratory alchemy was indeed to produce actual gold – with the idea being that the ability to transmute matter was hard evidence that you had succeeded in transmuting and expanding your own soul through the union of opposites.

I haven’t yet met anyone who can directly turn lead into gold in a lab through the power of their awareness – but I have seen many people positively transform the external circumstances of their lives (producing “gold” of all kinds – emotionally, financially, etc.) by doing work to unite the opposites within themselves.

The ultimate goal of alchemy is wholeness – both within oneself and in one’s relationship to the world.

Many alchemists, for example, were sincere Christians who considered themselves spiritually “saved” by the sacraments of the Church – but they wanted more than spiritual salvation, they wanted a way of being in the physical world that reflected the wholeness of the spirit, so that they could “imitate Christ” by doing miracles as he did.

The process that the ancient alchemists taught for uniting the opposites and the process that my intellectual forbear, Carl Jung taught – both work, and are both quite slow.

With the help of tantric principles (and basically a wealth of the world’s esoteric information made available in this great Internet Age that was unavailable to my forbears) ….I’ve developed an approach to uniting the opposites that’s much more rapid and direct, and I’ve be teaching it and guiding folks through it in great detail in my coaching program.

The coaching is called “empowerment coaching” – because that’s what it helps you to become – an unstoppable force in All arenas of your life.

The coaching is a confronting, challenging means of dropping your old identification with self-doubt, feelings of “not-good enough,” guilt, shame, failure. It is not easy, but it is very effective. You will enter into a new incarnation of your being that’s much more internally clear, more fierce, more whole, and frankly capable of generating miraculous synchronicities.

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