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For as long as I can remember I have been acutely attuned to the emotions of people. This has been both a gift and a curse. It has taken most of forty years to turn it into what feels like wisdom. Since we started painting on cave walls and making words out of noises, we want to know what it means. In 1987 I encountered my first Tarot deck in an abandoned mining cabin in Colorado. I am fascinated with their symbolism and mystery as well as their ability to explore and reveal personal myths and beliefs. For years I have allowed them to reveal my ever evolving self to myself. I have acquired and lost or given away many decks through the years. Three have remained deeply personal to me. They are the Wildwood, Zen Osho and the Illuminati.
I began counseling in 1988 while still an undergraduate. It has been my passion and profession throughout my life. I have sat with clients of all ages and lifestyles while they revealed their dreams, confessed their sins and told me the stories of their lives. I have learned how to listen well to what is being said and what is not. I have learned that trust is the most important thing I can offer. They trust me with their secrets, their pain, memories and their thoughts. I listen without judgment and love without condition. I see the divine in all people and will speak to your soul because that is the space where you are real and whole.
A few years ago, I quite my clinical practice and began life coaching, with no regret. With the freedom this allowed, I can use my knowledge and experience in the occult, energy medicine and alternative healing skills to better serve the individual I work with. The complexities of life and the human experience are far to immense for limited solutions.
With you and for you, I will clarify and bring awareness to the issues and questions you bring to me. I strive for your liberation and creativity. I am no fortune teller. I wish for you to be the creator of your own destiny.

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