Tarot Reading

Tarot is a communication tool. We speak to the cards, and the cards speak to us. They speak to us in different ways: through their imagery, through thought, through feeling and intuition.. Over the centuries, people have used many words to try to describe with whom or what they communicate when they read the cards. They use such words as cosmic consciousness, higher power, the divine, psychic powers, creative spirit, intuition, and other states of higher awareness. The list, like the art of Tarot itself, is mysterious and ever-changing.

Many of us are used to thinking of Tarot as one-sided communication. We bring questions to the cards, and they answer us, either directly or through a reader like myself. We sometimes overlook the fact that the cards can carry questions for us as well—questions that can be powerful tools for self-development and awareness. Communication with the Tarot is a two-way street. The cards can answer, but they can also ask, and the questions they ask can be life-changing.

Tarot Reading Prices

Quick (specific) Question
30 minutes
General Life Overview
Couples Reading
Bring your partner for relationship questions
90 Minutes
Private Parties & Groups
Prices vary-follow link
by people &time