Make it happen This year

“What do you want to make happen this year?”

Because if tarot does anything, it acts as a key to our own personal paths. And within those paths is the freedom to be ourselves.

I don’t believe that the future is neatly mapped out for us, moment by moment.

If it was, why would we need to make any decisions?

Why would we ever bother to learn to trust our intuition if life was doing the thinking for us?

And what would be the point of prayer, magic, or intention-setting if we already have something coming to us? (Or not coming at all?)

The problem with assuming that a tarot reading only serves to see the future is that it causes people to forget that they have influence over their own lives.

We often feel the myriad influences that affect us every day:

The expectations imposed upon us by society, tradition, or culture.

The pressure of work, routine, and daily survival.

The desires of our friends, families, or loved ones that negotiate for our time, attention, and energy.

By asking, “What do you want to make happen?” it forces one to sink into the present moment.

To stop getting caught up in all the questions about what can or will or should happen and allows to get into the here and now:

What do you want?
What do you need?
What do you believe is possible?

It brings us back to the fact that we need to be as much an influence and catalyst in our own lives as anything, or anyone, else.

If we spend too much time focusing on the future, we can lose sight of what’s right in front of us. And sometimes, there are old stories, ideas, or even wounds that are still trailing behind us.

Sometimes, they are holding us back, and we don’t even see it because we’re so busy trying to see what’s around the corner instead.

This is how tarot becomes a reset button: By anchoring us into the present, but also by allowing us to travel along the lines of time – not just forward, but backwards as well.

It says to us, “See this here? And here? And that over there? Those are really the things to be looking at right now.”

And when we travel into our own histories, we can know and name the influences that are keeping us from moving ahead, or preventing us from seeing our own life’s possibilities.

And when we name something, we take power over it.

We can allow a tarot reading to show us what needs to be mended and let go of. We can use it to take control over something that once disempowered us.

From there, we can see what we need to do, or decide, and what we can begin to hope for from the future as we allow ourselves to change out of the past.

We can sit down with the cards and ask, “What will happen when I hit my re-set button?”

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